To lead in the Age of Disruption, get the best help

Leading in a large organisation with clarity has never been more complex than now.

That’s why your choice of business coach is critical.

Wherever you look, the old certainties are obsolete and instability is the new normal. New technology, innovative market entrants, globalised business models and unstable political and regulatory structures mean rapid change. The “unimaginable” happens all too often. It is against this background that you have to lead.

How well you think, lead and innovate really matters. After all, agile organisations thrive by identifying and then by adapting rapidly to the emerging realities, opportunities and threats. Those that don’t evolve face oblivion.

You need someone who gets it, who’s been there and who has deep experience of working with top people in large-scale businesses and government organisations facing fundamental disruption.

You need someone who’s not afraid to ask the big questions and to help you find good answers.

You need someone who gets you and the challenges you face. Steve McCauley has been a CEO and he understands the pressures leaders face.

Steve’s work is underpinned by many thousands of hours working over decades with senior leaders from business, politics and the third sector on their most important issues, often at times of great stress and disruption in their organisations.

Steve has an extraordinary background, from pioneering media and legal reform with national leaders in post conflict African nations, to coaching senior bankers on Wall Street and in the City of London, to advising and assisting the BBC on global digital expansion, to launching a digital music service across Europe. His counsel is sought by leading business, political and arts figures in the UK and internationally.

Steve is also a Senior Fellow in the Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme, University of Cambridge, where he produces and facilitates a programme to work creatively and systematically with national leaders from emerging economies, to help them to address the major challenges they face.

Steve McCauley can help you to achieve clarity in the face of complexity, risk and ambiguity. He can work with you to imagine and to identify the future you wish to create and to develop an effective strategy to achieve the results you want, while strengthening your leadership, consistent with your values.